1969 STRAT - SOLD !!!!!!
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1969 STRAT - SOLD !!!!!!

T J Guardian of the House * Rest in Peace

Frank E Moates - Rest In Peace

1969 STRATOCASTER / ONE Owner / 9.9 condition @ least / SOLD $$$$$$

Near Dead Mint / 7 lbs 8oz / 100 % ORIGINAL / OHSC.

Scary CLEAN / Lot's of Grain on Front & Back.

August 1969 / ORIGINAL Frets / RARE Rosewood Board for a 1969 Strat.

Near MINT Guitar / Beautiful See-Thru Grain / A little corrosion on the saddles is the only thing keeping this Strat from being DEAD MINT !!!

As you can see the Back is JUST as CLEAN as the Front - AMAZING !!!

CORRECT Pearloid bottom on PickGuard / CORRECT Gray Bottom PickUps / 100% Untouched Wiring / PickUps read out @ 5.62 on the Neck - 5.62 on the Middle & 5.61 @ the Bridge, You Can't get a MORE Balanced set of P'Ups.

Tone Pot dated 32nd week of 69' / Most ALL Fender Guitars of the late 60's have 1966 Pots - It's rare to find one that has Factory Original 1969 Pots.

2nd Tone Pot dated 32nd week of 69'

Volume Pot Dated - 32nd week of 69' / As you can see the Solder is covering up the CTS # 137 / All 3 Pots Dated 137 6932.

Mint Headstock / Original Nut / Correct Pat. #'s 2,741,146 & 3,143,028.

Correct F Tuners / NO Rust or Bent Shafts / NOT a Bump or Scratch on the back of the HeadStock - PERFECT CONDITION.

Rounded PickUp cavitys / ALL CORRECT / NO ISSUES.

3 Way Switch & Pot cavity / I was the 1st person to turn a screw on this Strat.


Tremelo Cavity / Nice & Clean.

Neck Pocket / You can see where Fender put the Paint Stick to Spray the Sunburst / Neck Shim in place.


You DON'T see many STRATS from this ERA with this much CURLY MAPLE GRAIN on the neck / Also notice NO PLAY WEAR.

Close Up of the Front / NO Chips or Breaks on P'Guard or Tremelo Cover / NOT a scratch on the front or back - STUNNING CONDITION !!!


This Strat is a RARE Guitar because of the PERFECT CONDITION it is in / There are a lot of 69' STRAT'S on the market, but VERY FEW if ANY in this condition.

Original Case / Orange Lining / Fender Logo - No Tail / All Latches work perfect.



Jimi would be proud of this one --- This is another FANTASTIC find of a One Owner / Under The Bed STRAT. The gentleman I got it from purchased it NEW. He is a 62 year old gent who told me he bought it in Cleveland, Ohio when he was about 25 years old. He had an Acoustic @ the time & saw Hendrix in the movie "Woodstock" & HAD to have a STRATOCASTER. He moved down to Georgia in 1978 (Lumpkin,Co.). The guitar has NOT been out of the case since he moved south. The STRAT is in STUNNING Condition & VIRTUALLY Unplayed -- A FANTASTIC example of a 1969 STRATOCASTER ----------

A little History of what was going on in the world when this STRATOCASTER was built in August of 69' - The Woodstock Music & Arts Festival opened on Max Yasgurs farm in upstate New York / Hurricane Camille devastates the Gulf Coast / The Manson Family commits the Tate-LiBianca Murders in L.A. / The Beatles release the Abbey Road Album / Viet Namm was still going strong (MANY THANKS to ALL Viet Namm Vets)  - This was all happening in August of 1969 ----------